Children of Silentown

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Lucy’s Quest Through the Shadows of Silentown

Dive into the darkly enchanting world of Children of Silentown, a game where the line between whimsy and dread is as thin as a shadow at dusk. Crafted with care by the minds behind Little Briar Rose and in partnership with Luna2 studio, this game invites players to follow Lucy, a young girl whose curiosity is as vast as the forest that terrifies her. Night after night, the forest’s unseen beasts howl, stealing away the comfort of sleep and invading the sanctity of dreams. Yet, as the village whispers of disappearances become too loud to ignore, Lucy finds the courage to peel back the layers of mystery that have long shrouded her home.

Unraveling the Secrets of a Whispering Town

Children of Silentown is a point-and-click adventure that weaves a captivating tale of intrigue and resilience. Players step into Lucy’s shoes, navigating through a village where every corner and every face might hold the key to understanding the eerie silence that grips Silentown. The game challenges you to explore not just the cobblestone streets and cozy homes of the town but also the edges of the foreboding forest that looms beyond—though one should never venture too deep. With a distinctive 2D art style that perfectly encapsulates the game’s hauntingly beautiful essence, players are treated to a visual feast that complements the story’s depth. Music and melody become tools in Lucy’s journey, offering solutions where words fail. From concocting unlikely item combinations to engaging with the town’s uniquely charming (and sometimes disappearing) residents, the game promises a blend of puzzlement and interaction. Whether it’s outwitting the village’s cantankerous cat or solving peculiar puzzles that demand creativity over convention, Children of Silentown invites you on an unforgettable game into the heart of the unknown. Join Lucy as she steps beyond the veil of fear, seeking answers in a town that thrives on silence, and discover what mysteries lie waiting in the shadows.

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