Gorilla Tag

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Gorilla Tag: Leap into a World of Primal Play

Gorilla Tag introduces an immersive, high-energy game that transports players into a virtual environment where movement and agility are key to survival. In this innovative VR experience, players embody gorillas in a lush, natural setting filled with trees and obstacles. The simplicity of the game’s premise belies the depth of strategy and physicality involved. Players use their arms to propel themselves forward, chasing or fleeing from other players in a game of tag that harks back to the most primal forms of play. The absence of traditional locomotion mechanics, replaced by the player’s own movements, creates an engaging and physically active gaming experience, unlike any other VR game.

A Community-Crafted Experience

What sets Gorilla Tag apart is not just its unique gameplay but also its origin as a community-driven project. Developed with direct input and feedback from players, the game has grown organically, fostering a strong sense of community and continuous improvement. New maps and modes have been added over time, keeping the gameplay fresh and exciting. This communal effort has resulted in a game that is finely tuned to the desires and enjoyment of its player base, offering a multiplayer experience that is both inclusive and dynamic. Gorilla Tag stands as a testament to the power of collaboration in game development, providing a playground where simplicity and fun converge in a virtual world.

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