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Unlikely: A Dice Game with a Twist

Unlikely is not your average horror game. Created by Nacho Sama for the GMTK Jam, it pits you against a famished and peculiar clown in a less-than-stellar room where your main tool for survival is playing dice. At first glance, the setup seems straightforward: roll the dice, match them with your cards, and score points. Yet, this apparent simplicity is deceiving. What starts as a harmless dice game quickly spirals into a contest where the odds are stacked against you, blending elements of risk with the unnerving presence of a macabre clown.

The rules of Unlikely are easy to grasp but hard to master. You start with ten cards and the goal of scoring ten points in the first round. Each successful match between a card and dice roll nets you a point. However, with each round, you’re dealt one less card, maintaining the same point target. This pattern ensures the game becomes increasingly challenging, pushing it into the realm of the unwinnable. For those intrigued by a blend of card strategy and horror, Unlikely is also available for mobile devices via the Play Store. Dive into the tense atmosphere of Unlikely by downloading it to your Android device today.

Latest Developments in Unlikely

A fresh update to Unlikely introduces a twist: rolling a larger die now comes with only a 66% chance of success. Winning with this die might earn you an extra card for the round, but losing could cost you a card or even a point, adding another layer of strategy and suspense to the game. This new rule further complicates your attempts to outwit the game’s sinister clown, ensuring every roll is a gamble between progressing or potentially losing everything you’ve worked for.

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