False Dream

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Navigating the Surreal in False Dream

In False Dream, you’re ensnared within the confines of a deceptive dream world, armed only with a camera to discern and document anomalies – instances or scenes that starkly contrast with the known realities of life. The key to escaping this labyrinthine dream and clawing back to the waking world hinges on your ability to observe and capture these irregularities through your lens. Each snapshot brings you one step closer to piecing together the puzzle of your escape, challenging your perception of reality at every turn.

Exploration and Strategy: The Heart of False Dream

The game unfolds across two distinct modes: Normal Mode and Nightmare Mode. Normal Mode guarantees the presence of an anomaly at every designated interval, presenting a consistent challenge to your observational skills. Nightmare Mode ups the ante, casting doubt on the very existence of anomalies – are they truly absent, or have they merely eluded your detection? Beginners are advised to cut their teeth in Normal Mode. Expect to invest anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour and a half to navigate through Normal Mode, while a comprehensive capture of all 81 anomalies could extend your journey beyond three hours. Your progress, including captured anomalies, is saved automatically, ensuring you can pick up right where you left off. However, take note that discoveries made with the aid of the radio (a helpful tool in the game) are not saved.

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