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After grabbing a Grimace Meal from the nearest McDonald’s, things start to feel off pretty quickly, especially after sipping on that Grimace Shake. Your eyes get super heavy, and before you know it, you’re out cold. When you come around, you’ve got no clue where you are, but one thing’s for sure: you’re not alone. As you start moving through the shadows, you brace yourself to take on whatever’s hiding in the dark. The goal? Find Grimace’s three special menu items and get out of his basement before he catches you and it’s game over.

Dive Into Grimace’s Basement

Grimace’s Basement throws you into a mix of exploration, walking, and trying not to get caught in a horror scenario, all whipped up by Double Vision Studios. Just a heads up, though: we’ve got zero ties to Grimace or McDonald’s itself. This is strictly a fan-made gig, not looking to make a buck except maybe through donations. And yeah, this game’s got its fair share of creepy vibes and jump scares that might just catch you off guard.

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