Thats Not My Neighbor 2

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Embark on a unique adventure in That’s Not My Neighbor, where the classic job of a building’s doorman takes on a supernatural twist. In this intriguing game set in 1955, players are thrust into a world rife with doppelgangers—sinister entities keen on infiltrating your building. Crafted by the imaginative Nacho Sama, this game combines suspenseful gameplay with a touch of nostalgia, challenging players to distinguish between ordinary residents and these menacing look-alikes.

Unmasking the Mimics: A Duel of Wits

At the core of “That’s Not My Neighbor” lies the exhilarating challenge of identifying these doppelgangers. These creatures approach, blending in with the crowd, making it your job to spot the subtle—or sometimes glaring—differences that betray their true nature. From poorly disguised intruders with bizarre features to more sophisticated mimics, catching these imposters before they breach the safety of your building offers a deep sense of achievement.

Detail Detective: The Key to Safety

Admittance to the building is far from straightforward; it involves scrutinizing IDs, matching names to lists, and ensuring all details align perfectly. The game places immense importance on accuracy, where even minor oversights could lead to dire consequences. Quick thinking and a sharp eye for detail are your best tools in maintaining the sanctity of the building.

Backup Brigade: Calling in the Cavalry

When suspicion arises, and the stakes are high, the Doppelganger Detection Department (D.D.D.) is just a call away. Donned in their distinctive yellow suits, these specialists swoop in to handle any potential threats, allowing you a moment of respite within the safety of your booth. They represent the heavy hitters, stepping in to clean up when things get too close for comfort.

The Life of a Gatekeeper: More Than Meets the Eye

Taking on the role of doorman in “That’s Not My Neighbor” is anything but mundane. Each visitor presents a new challenge: verifying identities, cross-referencing documents, and making split-second decisions that could have lasting repercussions. This game tests your vigilance, demanding constant attention and quick reflexes to prevent any uninvited guests from slipping through.

Mastering the Masquerade: Strategies for Success

Here are some strategies to excel in “That’s Not My Neighbor”:

  • Attention to Detail: Keep an eye out for discrepancies in stories, appearances, and documents. Even the most convincing doppelgangers have their tells.
  • Quick Commands: Familiarize yourself with shortcuts for actions like calling for help or closing doors swiftly. Efficiency is key.
  • Listen and Analyze: Doppelgangers might concoct elaborate tales to cover their tracks. If their story sounds implausible, it probably is.
  • Trust Your Instincts: Odd mannerisms or unusual features could be indicators of a doppelganger in disguise. When in doubt, double-check.
  • Keep Calm and Carry On: Success in this game comes from staying composed under pressure. Take a moment to breathe and focus before making your decision.

Game Highlights and Hurdles

  • Innovative scare tactics based on strategy rather than shock value.
  • Stimulating gameplay that tests both memory and attention to detail.
  • A charmingly retro aesthetic that captures the essence of the 1950s.
  • The thrill of calling in the D.D.D. for dramatic rescues.


  • A steep learning curve for newcomers to the genre.
  • Graphics are functional but lack modern flair.
  • Mistakes can be punishing, with no easy way to rectify them without starting anew.
  • Similarities to other ID-checking games may leave some players wanting more novelty.

Embrace the Challenge: Become the Ultimate Guardian

Ready to prove your mettle in “That’s Not My Neighbor”? This game offers a unique blend of job simulation and horror, where each decision could be the difference between safety and catastrophe. Engage in this eerie yet captivating test of wits and reflexes, set against the nostalgic backdrop of 1955, and discover if you have what it takes to outsmart the doppelgangers lurking at your doorstep.

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